Freeland Feed & Lawn is your local feed, lawn, and agricultural supply store and one of the community’s biggest 4-H program supporters.

Big News for 4H Swine! For the 2019 season, Freeland Feed & Lawn is proud to provide a few new ground hog feeds this year – perfect for your 4H piggies! Of course, we always have our 16% Pig Grower in stock all year round, but for the first few months of the season while fair pigs are still small, we wanted to offer more options – feeds with more optimized nutrition for this stage in their life. We have taken our 16% Pig Grower and re-rationed it to formulate an 18% Pig Grower, with an added fat supplement known as Cherry Moonshine. This fat supplement is soybean oil (99% fat), and has a cherry flavoring that pigs will be sure to love! Taking that one step further, we also have in stock an 18% Show Pig Feed – for this one, we used a completely new feed base. This base is part of Kalmbach Feed’s Formula of Champions lineup; made specifically for show pigs, designed for optimum growth. We also offer this year another version of our Pig Grower, in a 20% protein. If you’ve just gotten your pigs and they are still on the small side – this may be the ideal feed for you! For all your other animals, be sure to check out our Falcon Feeds pricelist for all of the feeds we proudly make in-house.

Freeland Feed & Lawn 4-H Program

We can custom make any 4-H feed or custom order any feed. For more information, contact Freeland Feed & Lawn today. We support our local 4-H program and want to help it continue to be a success by helping customers get the feed and supplies they need.

What’s It All About?

Freeland Feed & Lawn is proud to announce the addition of our 4-H Rebate Program! With this program, we aim to reach out to all 4-H kids in surrounding counties willing to participate. Upon joining the program, we will create an account for the participant that will track their feed purchases starting March 1st up through their county’s fairgrounds livestock auction date. After the livestock auction has taken place, we will review all transactions made and write a check to the participant for at least 5% back (maybe if more, depending on how the season goes) on all 4-H money spent! We hope that with this Rebate Program, we will be able to encompass all 4-H participants, making sure everybody gets something back at the conclusion of fair. We will also be present at the livestock auctions for each county that our participants raise animals for, not only to support but to do some bidding as well!

How Do I Sign Up?

It’s easy! If you’re interested in joining the program, feel free to contact Beth or Katie by phone or email, or just come down to the store and see us in person! We have a simple form for you to fill out and sign, or fill out the form on this page; just personal contact information as well as what animals you are raising this year, and the 4-H group you belong to. This will allow us to transfer all of your information to an account in our system, so we can track feed bought/money spent. If you have multiple kids, or any special situations, we can accommodate whatever needs you have, no worries!

Dates & Deadlines

Our program will run from March 1st through the date of corresponding counties’ livestock auctions. We will be accepting participants until Saturday, April 13th, 2018, but the earlier you join the more you can save! Checks will be sent out or available for pick-up by end of August 2018.

Additional Information

This program is not a contract – you are not under any obligation to buy the entirety of your feeds from us, nor are you obligated to purchase the feeds we manufacture ourselves. In addition to our own feeds, we also carry and have access to the full line of Kalmbach products and feeds. This program is just our way of giving back to all the 4-H participants that work hard all summer long raising animals, and also a way for us to thank you for your continued support for us!

We are thrilled to be able to implement this program, and even more
thrilled to be able to support our local 4-H groups.
We look forward to building lasting relationships with all of you!
Thanks for your continued support!

    ***If you have multiple members sharing feed on one bill, you may fill separate forms for each, and we will split the rebate between the number of children participating***

    About the Program

    With our new 4-H Rebate Program, we aim to give back to all of our 4-H kids. With the personal information given above, we will be able to set up an account to keep track of all feed that has been purchased within the specified dates of the program. Upon the ending date(s) of the program, we will review all transactions made on each account, and in turn give back at least a 5% rebate (depending on how well we do at end of season) on the total money spent. We still plan to attend all of our 4-H kids’ livestock auctions, both to support all of our valued customers and to bid on their animals. With the rebate program, we can fairly help out each and every one of our 4-H participants. We are thrilled to be apart of and support all individuals involved with 4-H and our Rebate Program!

    Friendly, nice selection, variety of feeds for all animals. For the deer hunter, they have a great selection of feed and food plot seed.
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